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Romantic Date Night Ideas for Valentine’s Day 2021

Stuck for ideas on romantic things to do this Valentine’s Day? Forget flowers and chocolates; the best present you can give to your partner is quality time together. Be thoughtful and plan our something memorable for you and your sweetheart to enjoy, and make sure this February 14th will be one to remember (for all the right reasons!).

When planning out Valentine’s Day activities, make sure that you pay attention to the little details – rent his/her favourite film and decorate the house with your sacred shared memories. It’s important to keep their individual preferences in mind; if your other half isn’t a fan of the outdoors then don’t suggest a long hike!

Below are some unique Valentine’s Day ideas that can be achieved in the current UK national lockdown. Whether you’re seeking some romantic at-home activities or a special day out, we’ve got you covered. These ideas aren’t just limited to lockdown and can be used any day of the year…

Activities to Enjoy this Valentine’s Day

  • Have a DIY spa day. Bring the luxury and relaxation of the spa to your own home. Set the mood with some atmospheric music and candles whilst pampering one another. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could even make your own face masks and bath salts – find out how here.

  • Take a scenic stroll. Bundle up in warm clothes and go hiking to a nearby beauty spot, or just wander around your local neighbourhood. Take in the sights and sounds during your wonderful walking trail, whilst breathing in that fresh countryside air.

  • Write and exchange love letters. There’s nothing more romantic than writing down all the reasons why your other half means so much to you. Proclaim your undying love for your partner and reminisce on the good times you have shared together.

  • Enjoy a romantic movie marathon. Snuggle up on the sofa and binge-watch your favourite films. There are endless romantic films to choose from; whether you enjoy classics that will pull at your heartstrings or fun rom coms that will evoke joy and laughter, streaming platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime have got you covered this Valentine’s Day! Click here for some movie inspiration.

  • Satisfy your sweet tooth. Spend the afternoon baking some homemade treats to enjoy after your romantic dinner for two. You could even have a friendly competition to see who can make the best Valentine’s desserts (extra points awarded for anything heart-shaped of course!). Click here for some top-rated baking recipes.

  • Plan your dream holiday. Unfortunately, we can’t go away for Valentine’s Day this year; but that doesn’t stop you from planning your dream trip with your partner! Do some daydreaming and researching to satisfy your wanderlust, setting up Pinterest boards and looking at destinations for inspiration.

  • Watch the sunset. Nothing says “I love you” like watching a gorgeous sunset together. This simple and romantic idea can be enjoyed from your own back garden or from a local beauty spot. Make sure you bring a bottle of champagne and some glasses out with you!

  • Cook up a delicious dinner. They say that food is the way to the heart, so why not get stuck in and make a special meal with your other half? Spend some quality time preparing a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner together, before tucking into a tasty dessert. Click here for some date night dinner ideas.

  • Indulge in some tasty tipples. Whether you’re into beers, wines or cocktails, stock up on your favourite ingredients and knock together some delicious drinks. You could even come up with a signature Valentine’s cocktail for the evening and enjoy getting tipsy together! Click here to find some of our favourite cocktail recipes.

  • Listen to live music. If you’re music lovers, why not virtually attend a concert together? You could enjoy a live performance of one of your favourite bands or relive a past performance via YouTube videos – or you may even be able to find a live stream to watch. Click here for a list of special events that are airing this Valentine’s Day.

  • Dance the night away. Have you always wanted to take a dance class with your other half? Well, you still can! Put on your dancing shoes and learn a brand-new routine from home. There are plenty of free videos on YouTube, as well as numerous virtual classes – one of which can be found here.

  • Gaze upon the glistening stars. Wrap up and head outside into your garden or other outdoor space and discover the wonders of the night sky. You could lay a blanket down and cuddle up together with a bottle of fizz or two, whilst looking out at Orion’s Belt.

Looking Ahead and Planning for the Future

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