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Pitt Farm is an attractive working farm run by husband and wife team, Patrick & Tahi, along with their two young children.  

Travel down the enchanted, meandering driveway and escape to our beautiful wedding site; boasting a traditional 18th Century farmhouse, authentic lovingly-restored barns and a pristine, well-groomed lawn. Situated amongst the rolling green hills of the Exe Valley, the grounds offer sprawling, panoramic views of the Devon countryside. 

Begin your next chapter by eloping in private, or share the sacred moment with anywhere between 20 to 200 guests at our picture-perfect rural hideaway.

Scenery at Exe Valley Weddings
Bouquet at Exe Valley Weddings

why choose exe valley?

A unique location that is exclusively yours. Whether you are seeking an intimate, romantic fairy tale occasion or a fun and flamboyant

bohemian gathering, our boutique venue is extremely versatile and

private; allowing you to transition smoothly from day to night.

Guests are given free range between the barns, lawn and courtyards, in a charming setting that is both welcoming and luxurious.

  • As an active family-run homestead, you will find an outstanding level of detail and unique quirks at Pitt Farm. Our friendly livestock freely peck and graze at the land, whilst an abundance of exotic bees and butterflies flutter amongst the spectacular gardens and wild meadows. We provide a large selection of luxury amenities at our magical wedding retreat, such as hand-crafted signage and a flourishing vegetable patch. You won't find this level of attention to detail or authenticity within any commercial wedding venue. 

  • Offering exceptional views of the River Exe and unspoilt mid-Devon landscape, Pitt Farm is the perfect backdrop to celebrate your momentous occasion. Here at Exe Valley Weddings, you are not bound to using a specific caterer or wedding service;
    DIY with ultimate freedom and flexibility.

  • We don’t add any unnecessary corkage or surcharges to any of our services. Our prices reflect only the cost of the venue (and accommodation if you are staying), giving you total transparency of costs and greater control over your budget.

  • There is a comprehensive range of local accommodation available to suit all budgets. We can provide you with a detailed list of contacts and travelling distances, as well as advice on local transport services upon request.

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