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Why Not Consider a Smaller, More Intimate Wedding?

Ever heard the saying “the best things come in small packages”? It means that the size of something does not always accurately reflect its true value. Here at Exe Valley Weddings, we strongly believe that this mantra can be applied to the biggest day of your life: your wedding day.

2020 has been a tumultuous year for the wedding industry, with many couples being forced to have much smaller, intimate occasions. Although this is understandably not ideal for some people, a smaller celebration actually poses many benefits, and the occasion is by no means any less meaningful or love-filled. A day spent with just a couple of dozen guests equals less stress, less money and a much more personal experience; so why not consider a more intimate affair for your upcoming wedding day?

Save Some Much-Needed Cash

In this day and age, there are so many options available for your wedding day, and people are having much bigger and more elaborate elopements. However, this can end up costing you an arm and a leg, leaving you with debts up to your eyeballs!

With less guests, you will not need to spend anywhere near as much money on catering and drinks. For example, if your catering package costs £50 per head and you are inviting 50 less guests to your wedding, you have saved yourself a massive £2500. This money could be put towards an incredible honeymoon experience or invested in your future together; the possibilities are truly endless.

Relieve Unwanted Worry and Stress

An awful lot of planning goes into creating the perfect wedding; often, many years are spent organising your big day. Ultimately, your wedding should be an enjoyable and memorable experience – but you don’t want to only remember how stressed and anxious you felt!

A smaller occasion is a much more relaxed environment to share with your chosen loved ones. Instead of trying to get round 100+ guests for a chat and exhausting yourself in the process, you have more time to talk to everybody, ensuring they feel welcomed and valued. Plus, the speeches are nowhere near as nerve-wracking in front of a smaller audience…

Go the Extra Mile for Your Guests

Why not get your creative juices flowing and organise some fun games or activities for everyone to play together at your intimate gathering? You could use our spectacular lawns as a base for your favourite outdoor games, or partake in some interactive activities in our Gallery Barn. The only limit is your imagination!

Your special day will require less time, money and resources to set up, allowing you to get more personal with your guests. Why not incorporate some personal touches for your guests to enjoy? For example, you could write each guest a loving message for them to read during the dinner service. This will really show your guests just how much you appreciate their support and company.

Treasure the Big Day with Your New Spouse

With larger weddings, you often don’t actually get to spend much time with your new husband or wife – apart from the first dance of course! You could use the time you would spend mixing with all your guests and instead create some special memories with your other half…

Why not consider extending your session with the photographer and getting some more beautiful snaps, or exploring our well-groomed lawns and courtyard? You could even sneak away for a quick bottle of fizz – but make sure you don’t leave your guests for too long!

Intimate Affairs at Exe Valley Weddings

Here at Exe Valley Weddings, we are dedicated to ensuring you have the most magical day possible. Pitt Farm is the ideal canvas to host your small joyous occasion – our beautiful wedding site boasts a traditional 18th Century farmhouse, lovingly-restored barns and picturesque gardens. Our venue offers far-reaching views of the glorious mid-Devon countryside, providing a picture-perfect backdrop for all your wedding photos.

Choose to share your romantic, sacred moment with as little as 20 guests at our rural hideaway. At the end of the day, you can retreat to our two luxurious self-contained suites (accommodating up to 6 people), with your remaining guests gaining exclusive access to our fields for bell tent glamping or wild camping.


Capture the hearts of your family and friends here at Exe Valley Weddings. Click here to enquire about our spectacular wedding site – we guarantee your day will be one to remember (for all the right reasons)!


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